Appraisal Fraud and Tax Relief

Posted on October 1, 2010


An assessed valuation is placed on real estate by the government as a basis for taxation. If you have asked a court for tax relief based on appraisal fraud, the taxpayer can claim that the debt reduction is used instead of payment of damages which are not taxable.

The reduction of principal might help in contesting the assessed valuation of the home for real estate tax purposes. In Fairfax, Virginia, the elderly are given tax breaks no matter what their financial position is, and there is similar program in Washington, DC called the “homestead allowance.”

To modify your mortgage to avoid foreclosure, there is a new mediation program in Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases in some states.

 See for more details.  Christine Axsmith, Esq. is a Washington, DC – based attorney specializing in foreclosure fraud, illegal foreclosure, real estate fraud.  Her credentials can be viewed at her LinkedIn profile.  The Axsmith Law website has a wealth of information for review related to elder law and foreclosure prevention. 

Other sources of valuable information are the AARP website, the Federal Trade Commission website and the HUD website.  See Axsmith Law web site to speak to an attorney.

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