Maryland Court of Appeal Adopts Emergency Rule for Foreclosures

Posted on January 27, 2011


“Dore’s appearance in (Judge) Pierson’s courtroom followed the Maryland Court of Appeals’ adoption in October of an emergency rule designed to identify and weed out irregularities in the mortgage foreclosure process.

The rule was prompted in large part by revelations that Dore and an attorney at another firm had not personally signed affidavits accompanying foreclosure forms.

(Judge) Pierson appointed Ritter under a provision of the rule enabling circuit court judges to select independent lawyers to review foreclosure documents for problems. Ritter, who took on the assignment pro bono, retired last summer as chief of the economic crimes division in the Baltimore state’s attorney’s office.

The judge did not give any indication of when he would rule on the remaining pending foreclosure actions or the 12 that have gone to sale.” See Maryland Daily Record article. And another one here.