Couple Arrested for Filing Forged Documents to Save Home- But Robo Signers Still at Large

Posted on March 23, 2011


This couple in California was arrested for filing false documents at the court house in an effort to keep their home. The forged document purported to be signed by a MERS representative, which MERS denied.

Not a clever ruse, but “I was just trying to save my home,” the man said.

On the other hand, in the state of Maryland, other people who broke the law to foreclose on homes are walking free. Notaries who notarized documents without reviewing them or having the signer in front of them also broke the law.

But the person who seeks to save their home is arrested, and the person who facilitates an illegal foreclosure is not arrested. There might be a good reason for this. There is more to fear from homeowners breaking the law to stay in their homes than a fee notaries gone astray. If every homeowner was willing to file false documents at the court house to even delay their foreclosure, it would be happening all the time. The entire system would break down.

Angry homeowners are more of a disruption to the overall system than a few renegade notaries. That could explain the disparity in treatment.

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