Foreclosure Attorney Faces Felony Charges in San Diego

Posted on August 12, 2011


San Diego foreclosure attorney Michael Pines faces felony charges for advising clients to break into their already-foreclosed homes. Former clients of Mr. Pines complain that he accepted their money and did nothing to help them recover their homes.

Axsmith Law also takes clients post-foreclosure. But we discuss with our client a plan of action, specific steps we will take to represent them and a retainer agreement. Even if your home has been foreclosed on, you can still file a lawsuit. Each client knows that work is being done on their behalf because of the court case. But an attorney can still be working on a matter without a court case having been filed. I understand that people feel this attorney has done nothing for them except tell them to break the law, but that may not be the case.

An interesting note is that homeowners and those that represent them are getting arrested for breaking into homes illegally. Banks and people who work for them are not. Contractors who evict people from the wrong house, or change the locks on a house when it was never in foreclosure never are arrested for breaking and entering. Ever.

This attorney may be way out of line, he may be lazy. But no one at any bank is ever going to risk getting arrested. Just homeowners and their representatives.

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