Is This Lawyer Crazy?

Posted on August 30, 2011


A San Diego attorney, Michael T. Pines, who advised clients to break into their foreclosed homes has been arrested and charged with 20 criminal counts, and has been ordered by a judge to undergo a mental evaluation. Criminal charges have been suspended pending the outcome of the attorney’s evaluation for mental competency.

The question is: was he crazy or just a rebel? Certainly his advice was to break the law, never a good thing for an attorney to do. But was it a provocative stance to engage the mortgage companies in an unfair system, or just the rantings of a lunatic? Mr. Pines is insisting on the first choice. He claims that the evaluation for mental fitness is just a delaying tactic because the county has no case.

A real answer to this question will be had in time, I’m guessing.

San Diego

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