Banks Change Tactic in DC Foreclosures

Posted on March 26, 2013


Robo-Signer Attorney

Above is an attorney who is known for his robo-signing techniques while foreclosing on people’s houses for mortgage companies. His name is Stephan Baum.

Mortgage companies are now suing in DC Superior Court for foreclosure rulings.  Usually, DC is a non-judicial foreclosure jurisdiction.  That means that the bank does not have to go in front of a judge to foreclose on your home.  The procedures are in place, with notice and an opportunity to redeem the property, so that going before a judge is not necessary to foreclose on a home.  There are many states that have judicial foreclosures.

A few years ago, Washington, DC put in place a law to protect homeowners in delinquency from abusive foreclosure practices that were being reported in the press.  It allows a foreclosure sale to be undone if there was a mistake made anywhere in the foreclosure process.

Apparently, the mortgage companies have so little faith in their own procedures that they have not attempted to foreclose on a property since, for the most part.

That brings us to the latest in foreclosure in DC: judicial foreclosure.  

Although mortgage companies are allowed to foreclose without going to a judge, they are choosing to file lawsuits in DC Superior Court to get around the current foreclosure restrictions.  That way, there can be an error in the foreclosure process without the foreclosure sale of the home being voided.

And this is the latest bank tactic to foreclose on people’s homes.