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$uccess Without College Roadmap, Success Without College Roadmap

April 13, 2017


$uccess Without College Roadmap What is your roadmap for success, or $uccess, without college degree? In this $uccess Without College Roadmap Book series by Christine Axsmith, I investigate how to be a success without going to college.  There are many media reports about $uccess without college statistics, and many of them will tell you that the income a person […]

Rise of the foreclosure zombies….

July 15, 2014


Apparently, the  Consumer Financial Protection Board (CFPB) is having a difficult time locating homeowners who have deserted foreclosed on properties—known in parlance as “Zombie foreclosures.” Despite a mortgagor being in trouble and possibly losing their property, if they aren’t keeping up with the repairs, landscaping, etc, they can be charged with “abandonment”—even if the house is […]

Foreclosure “Fast Track” Proposal

July 10, 2014


The federal government is beginning a “fast track” foreclosure program to deal with the massive number of re-possessed and abandoned properties Although the Obama administration is in favor of “Fast track” foreclosure, there has been a bipartisan effort in Congress to stop this based on the idea that “Fast Track” usurps Congressional authority over trade […]

Foreclosure Settlement Checks Bouncing

April 29, 2013


According to, some of the checks sent out to homeowners as a settlement for illegal mortgage practices actually bounced.  That’s right, there was no money in the account of the bank to cover the check. ” And, according to the Federal Reserve, at least some of them bounced. The Fed phrased it this way: “Some early […]

Asian Investors Buying US Real Estate

April 23, 2013


Often, these homes are not desired as a place to live, but as a place for children to live many years in the future.

Kentucky Attorney General Sues MERS

April 3, 2013


Attorney General Jack Conway filed a lawsuit in Franklin Circuit Court against MERSCORP Holdings, Inc., and its wholly owned subsidiary Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS) for violations of Kentucky law. “This process undermines the integrity of Kentucky’s public land records,” Attorney General, Conway said. “Before the bottom fell out of the housing market, banks […]

MERS Gets Sued

March 27, 2013


MERS Gets Sued MERS was a corporation that was key in messing up the title records for thousands of properties.  Now at least one state Attorney General is suing them, and you can expect there will be others soon.   $uccess Without College Roadmap What is your roadmap for success, or $uccess, without college degree? In […]