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Rise of the foreclosure zombies….

July 15, 2014


Apparently, the  Consumer Financial Protection Board (CFPB) is having a difficult time locating homeowners who have deserted foreclosed on properties—known in parlance as “Zombie foreclosures.” Despite a mortgagor being in trouble and possibly losing their property, if they aren’t keeping up with the repairs, landscaping, etc, they can be charged with “abandonment”—even if the house is […]

Foreclosure “Fast Track” Proposal

July 10, 2014


The federal government is beginning a “fast track” foreclosure program to deal with the massive number of re-possessed and abandoned properties Although the Obama administration is in favor of “Fast track” foreclosure, there has been a bipartisan effort in Congress to stop this based on the idea that “Fast Track” usurps Congressional authority over trade […]