Banks Change Tactic in DC Foreclosures

March 26, 2013


Robo-Signer Attorney

Above is an attorney who is known for his robo-signing techniques while foreclosing on people’s houses for mortgage companies. His name is Stephan Baum. Mortgage companies are now suing in DC Superior Court for foreclosure rulings.  Usually, DC is a non-judicial foreclosure jurisdiction.  That means that the bank does not have to go in front […]

Foreclosure Review Offered for FREE!

June 4, 2012


Part of the settlement mortgage banks have agreed to related to improper foreclosures and fraudulent paperwork is that a review of your case can be applied for.  If your home was foreclosed on, you can ask that an independent review of your case be done, at no expense to you. Many people are not asking […]

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Mortgage Settlement Agreement Makes Fraud a Business Expense – Washington Post

March 20, 2012


Foreclosure Fraud Settlement Analysis on Axsmith Law Blog

The Big Picture blogger Barry Ritholz explains the mortgage fraud settlement agreement. Do not think that this agreement limits your personal ability to sue. It does not. Call Axsmith Law to talk to an attorney about your options.

Occupy DC Saves Grandmother’s Home From Foreclosure

March 13, 2012


Bertina Jones' Home Saved

The Huffington Post and Washington Post reports: “ WASHINGTON — Occupy Our Homes-DC, a housing-focused group related to Occupy DC, scored a victory in its goal of saving a Bowie, Md., grandmother’s home from eviction, reports The Washington Post. An hour after some 50 protesters began demonstrating outside of Freddie Mac’s downtown D.C. offices on Monday, the […]

Occupy DC Protests Freddie Mac Foreclosure of One Family

February 29, 2012


Axsmith Law blog on foreclosure and bankruptcy.

An elderly woman is being championed by Occupy DC because Freddie Mac foreclosed on her home even though she had the ability to pay her mortgage. Why? Because they repeatedly lost her paperwork. Sadly, losing the paperwork of homeowners is a very frequent occurrence during the loan modification process. More than that. homeowners were often […]

California Attorney General Calls for Halt of Foreclosures

February 29, 2012


According to U-T San Diego, Kamala Harris is calling for a stop to all foreclosures on loans owned by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the state of California.   If this would happen, it would put a lot of pressure on other states to do the same thing.  The inventory of real estate on […]

CalBank Set to Foreclose on Corona Synagogue

January 28, 2012


The LA Times reports that CalBank is preparing to foreclose on a synagogue, Congregation Beth Shalom, in Corona, California. “”No question, we took a hit on the amount of money coming in. We built at the worst possible time, like a lot of people around here,” said congregation President Bruce Williams. “We need some help […]